没有业务可以忽略growi迅速ng landscape of technology developments with emerging technologies that will impact every part of the business landscape. Our detailed reports help you stay ahead of the curve so you know how to mitigate threats and take advantage of emerging opportunities ranging from Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to technologies like 5G.

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Key features

  • Analysis of emerging and potentially disruptive technologies
  • Proprietary barometers that quickly show the importance and development speed of each technology area
  • Graphical summaries of the technology landscapes
  • ‘Day in the life’ analyses to show how technologies might be applied in the real world

What our clients get from our service

  • Understand the nature and dynamics of each emerging technology area
  • Gain understanding of the likely timescales involved with each technology area to help you determine whether to invest in new opportunities or just track them

Our Emerging Technologies Services includes

  • Detailed analysis on key technologies including: AI, 5G, AR/VR, Drones, Automotive, Blockchain and more.
  • Proprietary barometers that highlight the key dynamics for each technology area – these include assessments of timing, market value, level of competition, key value drivers, disruptive potential.
  • Day in the life scenarios that help put the technologies into real world contexts.

Objective guidance and tailored support for your unique situation

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