Gain a holistic ecosystem level view of the key stakeholders in the mobile and tech industry. We track major stakeholders’ KPIs with market sizing, trend and competitive analysis for specific ecosystems. Different ecosystems we track include location, component, service providers, mobile commerce and more.

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Key features

  • Analysis of aspects related to competition and collaboration among diverse entities
  • Providing methods and tools to understand the ecosystem and services
  • 一个分布式、自适应、socio-technica开放l system area

What our clients get from our service

  • Understand the mechanisms for capitalizing on business ecosystems opportunities and responding the treats
  • Understand a set of objectives of the ecosystem such as sustainability, fairness, risk control and gracious failure

Our Ecosystem and Services includes

  • Location
  • Service providers
  • Fintech
  • Mobile commerce and more

Objective guidance and tailored support for your unique situation

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